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Amplify Your Messages, Expand Your Influence

In many organizations, the leadership team's potential to  influence public policies and issues, to enhance its image and brand, is woefully under-utilized. We examine your organization's needs and goals and help you plan a strategy to get where you need to be. We can help you tell your story, simplify your messages and reach the right audiences. If your executives need coaching, be it for public speaking or handling media interviews, we can help. Need a powerful speech? We can do that, too.

Today's complex media environment offers a multitude of ways to get your messages to key audiences, often without being filtered by others. For example, one company we worked with had a well-known CEO who was doing a lot of speeches in the traditional way. He would give the speech and, if any journalists were present, some of what he said might have gotten reported. That was pretty much it. 

We proposed a plan to re-purpose the senior leadership's speeches in myriad ways, though social media, through internal channels, and though targeted op/eds. In doing so, we significantly increased his share of voice versus other industry CEOs, while also targeting large audiences that he hadn't previously been reaching. 

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